What are the different writing skills

Many people are under the assumption that they can write the way they speak. This is a common misconception as you would need to have definitive writing skills that are much different from the way you speak. There are different types of writing that are often categorized into the following: 

  • Persuasive Writing 
  • Narrative Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Expository Writing

Although most of the writing types fall under any of the 4 mentioned categories there are different skills that are required for each one of these. However, there are some common skills that are required to do any of the above-mentioned writing methods or types. As mentioned by Ricardo Jorge Pereira de Souse Coelho you can categorize them quite easily. We look at some of the basic skills that you may require as a writer to be able to write on any of the mentioned types above. 

There are a few people who may be born with these skills that are essential for writing. These people can turn out to be excellent writers since they have the skills born in them. However, there are others who do not possess these skills by birth. The good news is the fact that these skills are something that can be learned or cultivated. So, in order to become a good writer, you can develop these skills and implement them while you begin your writing process. As Ricardo Jorge Pereira de Souse Coelho mentions, a good writer is one who can easily convey a message or news to a reader without any difficulty at all. 


Having confidence in what you do is of utmost importance. The same applies for writing as well and is considered to be one of the most important skills a writer has to possess. A lot of people may begin to wonder how confidence can show in the article pieces they write. However, the fact is that confidence in oneself would transpire on to the work that they do with writing too. In case you do not have confidence, your work would not show the same in the writing that you do. This applies for all the different types of writing that you may be involved with as a writer. So, the key is having confidence about what you write and how you portray it is very significant for you as a writer. 

Strong Research Skills

As a writer you would be able to write content that is both unique and factual. To be able to do this, you would have to have research skills that are second to none. By being able to research on what you write is important for you to produce unique articles or content. As you may come to understand that the internet is full of information that you can tap into. Using the internet for your research and writing can be the key for you to be able to stand out among the different writers in the industry. You would be able to attain facts, statistics, and other vital information to be able to produce factual content and articles. Without this ability you would be lost and unable to produce any writing that is of actual value to the reader. 


By being adaptable you can go places as a writer in this specific industry. While writing you would be against various challenges on different subjects. If you are able to adapt well to these circumstances you can become a very good writer indeed. By failing to be adaptable your work would show that you do not have the versatility that is required for a writer. This can mean that you would end up failing miserably when it comes to writing a specific task or content that you need. So, learning to adapt can make the difference between you being a successful writer or otherwise. 


This is one specific skill that many people lack in the writing industry. It would be impossible to write anything if you do not have a good vocabulary. You can always develop your vocabulary by referring online dictionaries and other synonyms for specific words. It may not be absolutely important that you carry around a book or dictionary. This is because the internet can give you different words and meanings for a specific word that you wish to use. You can thus make use of this to be able to write your piece using words that are not just unique but also meaningful at the same time as well. 

Focusing on the Task

Distraction can be one of the main factors that fail a person while they sit to write anything. In order to ensure that you are not distracted you would have to find a way to focus on what you have to write. Focus and concentration can be attained when you choose a specific place that is silent and can help ignite your thoughts and flow in writing. You may alternatively play some mild music at low volumes that help you concentrate and focus on the work in hand. 

Communicate Appropriately

Writing is all about having the ability to communicate what you wish in an appropriate method and fashion. If you are able to communicate your thoughts and message across to your reader then you can consider your task to be achieved. All this boils down to your ability to be able to communicate whatever message that you have to the reader. In order to learn these skills, you can always rely on lessons that are available for you on the internet.